This week marks the celebration of Hungarian film. This, now, is an exceptional occasion when the results of three years are presented to the viewers. Nominations to the Film Week included films made in the framework of the film support system renewed in 2012, as well as independent productions made without subsidy, and across all genres.

Similarly to previous years, the screenings are accompanied by a script competition and a film poster exhibition. We are also proud to announce the world premiere of the The Undesirable (1914) by Mihály Kertész that can be seen by the wider audience in a restored, digitised format.
This week is a celebration that shows the current status of Hungarian film as of 2014.
The best you can do to celebrate it is to visit it, talk about it, praise or criticise it also on other days of the year, because this is the way to keep it aware of its existence.
The Organisers of the Hungarian Film Week.